Christmas Card Template Freebie

I love to design and tailor make little designs for clients so each have a unique card, a unique album or unique storyboard/ collage. Many of these designs I would do then may not even use them. I’ve decided to start sharing them.

Here is my first Christmas Card Template Freebie! Download for personal use. Please do not use for commercial use or sell onto someone else.


Some details of the template:

Size of the card: 5 inches by 7 inches (the print labs know this as a regular card size and I’ve already added a bleed for printing so just pop in your photo, maybe change words and there you go)
Font used: Monika Italic
Color Space: SRGB (made this choice as most labs in South Africa can easily print SRGB but might not be able to print Adobe RGB)
Program: Adobe CC

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Bye for now, and let me know if there is a particular template you always wanted and never could find, I will get my creative juices going.