Capture the amazing wonder of welcoming a new tiny person into your life. Because the squishy, sleepy newborn phase flies past, it’s important to have your photography session within the first 10 days of Baby’s life – one can never redo newborn pictures!

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With newborn sessions I work completely alone and that way everyone is most at ease. This does mean I sometimes ask Mom and Dad to help with holding Baby safe. Baby’s safety is very important to me.

All newborn sessions are taken in-studio in Lynnwood Glen, Pretoria. In winter the studio is nice and toasty and if it’s still chilly there are loads of little cocoons and blankets to cuddle baby up in. Newborn photos are mostly naked and cuddled in blankets. However, it’s completely up to you if you would prefer something else. Let me know as many details as possible of what you want.

Siblings and family photos are always included to a lesser degree, but if you would like more of them and less of Baby alone then let me know ahead of your session as the planning is different.

All props are provided by me, but you are welcome to let me know ahead of time if you have something specific, something sentimental that you definitely want to add to your session.

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Few things are as beautiful and wonderful as pregnancy. It’s such an amazing and intense time, albeit sometimes a bit scary. You are caring for a tiny person without even having held them and, although it doesn’t always feel that way, you exude a soft nurturing presence and natural beauty. Carrying unborn Baby is a significant phase in your life and in the story of your family. Pregnancy remains one of the perfect opportunities to capture the wonder of nature at its best.

See my maternity portfolio here.

Maternity sessions are fun and completely stress free. They’re all about connecting with unborn Baby, so I’ll be asking Mom and Dad to speak to Baby a lot.

The preggie belly is normally one of the things that are focussed on in a maternity session, so please don’t wear anything with elastic around your belly or middle on the day of your session. Also, please don’t stress about any stretch marks as your images will be retouched.

For a belly that’s lovely and round for the session, it’s usually best to book for when you’re at 32-36 weeks. For very thin mommies or mommies expecting twins, it might be sooner. Please make sure to book well in advance.

If you’d like to bring along an item of special value for some of the photos (e.g. baby booties, wedding rings, ultrasound copy) then please feel free to do so, and I’ll try to incorporate it into the session.

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Life’s timeline is sprinkled with extraordinary milestones in each and every family. From Baby’s early years where shaky first steps are conquered and first words are uttered, to starting ‘big’ school, and then revues, matric dances, university, anniversaries, and the wonder of gran holding her little descendant, to name but a few. Capturing these milestones preserves life’s moments forever.

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These sessions are a lot of fun, and they’re especially easy when everyone being photographed is involved in coming up with ideas for the session (yes, even the 3 year old), both before and on the day.

When I work with children I interact with them a lot, and so I’ll need space and time to do so effectively. I’ll be singing, crawling around, lying down and looking like a crazy, really tall 3 year old myself.

Whether we do an indoor or outdoor session is entirely up to you. Outside we sit on the ground, grass and sand – we get dirty! I’ve been known to wade into water and get properly wet. If your child is extremely anti-dirt then an outside session might not be the best choice. An in-studio dress-up party would be a better idea.

You’re welcome to bring along a few things for the session or email me ahead of time to work out some ideas or to let me know if you have a particular look in mind (e.g. classic, trendy).

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I present monthly workshops on newborn, baby and child photography where I divulge all my personal photographic techniques and methods to successfully capture the delicate loveliness of a client’s little one, giving them a treasure to cherish for a lifetime and teaching you skills that can grow your business and reputation as a photographer.

This type of shoot demands entirely different tactics to that of photographing adults, and over the years I have developed my own approach and honed my own style beyond that of simple textbook techniques. For this reason, I offer the opportunity for you to come and learn what I’ve learnt; come and see what I see when looking through the lens.

In the workshop, I cover the ins and outs of studio and natural lighting, camera settings, setting up for a baby session, setting up for a full newborn session, important safety measures, conduct with parents, posing baby, composition, editing images, processing, professional business aspects, and even how to problem solve when a session doesn’t go exactly as planned.

The workshop is comprehensive and fun, covering both theory and practice. It’s an interactive environment where we work together closely and really zone in on improving your craftsmanship. I provide models for the session, and you get to build up your portfolio with photos taken by you during the workshop.

Please don’t expect a stiff, uptight class. This is a relaxed workshop where we enjoy the art form and even chat over refreshments and snacks.

For further details or bookings, feel free to contact me.
Child Walkalongs

Child walkalongs are mini workshop sessions where you can join me in taking photos of children while I give suggestions for technique and approach in these types of shoots. As with the full workshops, I offer guidance based on my personal experience and findings over the years as a photographer, granting you access to insight you won’t find in textbooks.

I provide the models for the sessions, making these child walkalongs a perfect opportunity for you to build up your portfolio with the photos taken by you on the day.

For further details or bookings, feel free to contact me.
Maternity Walkalongs

Maternity walkalongs are practical mini workshop sessions where we work on capturing the softness of a nurturing mom-to-be and photographing that beautiful phase in pregnancy where the preggie belly is wonderfully round. I’ll give pointers on technique and supply suggestions by dipping into my experience and findings as a photographer over the years.

I provide the models for the sessions, making these maternity walkalongs a perfect opportunity for you to build up your portfolio with the photos taken by you on the day.

For further details or bookings, feel free to contact me.

What to wear for a maternity session


Wear something that makes you feel feminine and gorgeous on the day – the photos will convey that. If you’d rather not show any skin, bring about 3 outfits that you feel accentuate your preggie belly.

When choosing jeans or pants for the session, don’t pick the ones that look really baggy. You can also bring your favourite stretchy top, but for the most part we will use my fabrics and scarves to wrap around you. A men’s shirt or a flowy light-coloured top is a wise choice too.

For underwear, nude colours are best. If possible, bring some bikini tops or strapless bras along.


If Mom-to-be is wearing specific clothing items, bring shirts that match or compliment her outfit – around two clothing changes for Dad should suffice.

Please remember to avoid any shirts with pictures, symbols and brand names. Plain colours work best.


Wear something that will match or compliment one or two outfits that Mom and Dad will be wearing. My personal favourite is flowy clothes for girls and plain clothes for boys.
What to wear for a children & family session

The best advice is to dress the way you normally do and feel comfortable.

Wear loose-fitting solid colours and avoid busy patterns, logos, words and cartoons characters. Jeans, overalls, and simple sundresses work well. Khakis are also a classic and photograph well. Hats, scarves or funky belts are great accessories and useful for some varied close-ups.

If children are being photographed together, clothes that are similar in style give a more coordinated look. For boys, I recommend jeans and plains tees. For girls, I recommend sundresses. I have a few dresses, tutus, hats and a couple of things for boys that we can use in studio.

Everyone in white (even though you see it everywhere) is not a very good choice as it’s much more limiting to work with, especially for outside shoots. In fact, for outside shoots, it’s best to choose one outfit for each person and stick to it. You can always add accessories to change it up a bit.

Bare feet are best for everyone and kids love it too! Well-cared-for, clean shoes can work too.

For babies and kiddies up to about 3 years old, bare skin is good. For babies younger than 2 years, please don’t plan more than 2 outfits. Remember the diaper covers, legwarmers or crawling socks.
What to do before & what to bring along

If you’re bringing children or babies along for the session, please bring whatever you might need for nappy changes, runny noses, pacifier, bottles, and snacks.

Make sure all tummies are fed before you get here and bring snacks if you need to. There will be fresh water and juices available at the studio. Faces should also be clean and the children need to be well rested, so please book sessions for smaller children in the morning. If it happens that the session is booked for later in the day, please make sure they nap that day.

Be mindful of the types of food they eat before a session – carrots and sweet potatoes are a sweet treat for baby, but can tint a baby’s skin. Lots of oranges may also discolour the nose and mouth.
Posing for photos

There’s absolutely no need for you to practice your posing before a session; it’s more natural if we go with the flow. I’m going to pose you on the day, but we’ll see what works best for you when you arrive.

I suggest you do a little research to see what kind of photos you particularly like. If you saw something you like on my blog or portfolio, or if you found something elsewhere, then let me know or pin it on Pinterest and link me to your board. I’ll see if we can incorporate it.
What to expect during a session

At first, I’ll meet everyone and briefly discuss the plan for the session. The plan is never one that’s set in stone; I have more of a go-with-the-flow approach.

Since babies and children might need time to relax and get used to me and the environment, I’ll carry on setting up in the studio, talking nonsense with you and the little ones.

With babies, I focus largely on milestones and I take lots of close-ups. Babies younger than 6 months will sit on Mom’s lap while I take their close-ups. Mom and Dad should be prepared to be in photos for all small children.

Mom will need some alone time in the studio too. Dad can keep the kids busy outside during that time. Usually the children are happy to wait outside if they get to play.

Grandparents and other people are welcome, but I’d prefer that they wait outside the studio in the sitting area while I focus on individual shots. Please let me know in advance if you plan on bringing extra people.
Bringing older or energetic children to a session

I have lots of things that children can do and if a sibling is a bit boisterous then we’ll take some of their pictures right in the beginning so that they can go play. Please don’t get upset with them for being boisterous as it almost always ends in tears and it might spoil the mood of the shoot. You’re welcome to bring a nanny for the older siblings.

Please talk your older children about being calm in the studio. They don’t have to sit there like dolls, or be little robots, but they do need to refrain from running around. If you know you’ve got a little runner, make sure you’re in the studio the whole time and help me look after the lights and cords.

Older children also often feel the need to perform in front of Mom or Dad which results in unnatural smiles and expressions. For this reason, I’ll need some space and time to interact with them on my own. They’ll remain within your line of sight, of course.

Getting them to produce a genuine smile can be a bit tricky sometimes. I’ll ask politely for a smile or a friendly face and sometimes I even start joking around, talking about their favourite foods and singing songs. I know all the little-people songs, so let me know what they like and I’ll sing it. You can even join in! For slightly older kids, bring along their favourite CD.

Towards the end of a session, I often ask older siblings to come up with fun family group poses that they’d like to try. This usually adds to the fun of the session and yields great photos too!
Retouching & makeup

The last thing to worry about is stuff like scratches, small fever blisters or temporary tattoos. Retouching will take care of those. I cannot, however, paint nails that are only half painted, remove stubble from legs or faces, or change the colour of your clothes or nail polish.

You’re perfectly welcome to use makeup, but please don’t apply it theatrically thick. Also, have a look to see if your base has a strong SPF cover. In some cases, SPF causes light to reflect. It’ll reflect both natural and studio lights and you may appear ghostly white and washed out. Rather opt for a non-SPF cover for the session.

Please rethink makeup on little girls as it limits what kinds of photos we can take. Super sweet vintage photos, tutus and other looks will look strange with makeup. If you feel it’s really necessary, then please avoid dark colours.

If your child is really ill, or has severe sunburn or fever, please reschedule the session. How they feel usually comes through in the photos, and no amount of retouching can fix that.
Waiting period for post-processing of images

I take special care to edit and polish each image individually. Giving meticulous attention to each step in the post-processing phase, your images will be ready 4-6 weeks after the session.
Availability on weekends

If having a session on a weekday doesn’t suit you, that’s no problem at all. I’m absolutely available on weekends! I’m even available on some public holidays. Just please be sure to book well in advance.